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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Part two: The spiral "is it gymnastics?"

After all the encouragement and great advice I recieved( will never end a thread again, before starting a new one), I had to finish this spiral. I could not let these fantastic people down, BUT to complete this spiral I need a little more, as I was worn more thin than cheap toilet paper(well that's a topic for another day). Then the light went on(happens once in a while), I had to relate this to my favorite sport gymnastics, I had to make Nastia Luken and Sean Johnson proud. You will be amazed to know I found the link, the triple and a half layout. It is a movement that carries a "G" value in gymnastics, the highest that can be obtained. The gymnast must maintain a straight body while rotating around the lateral axis three and half times, just like the spiral (or my stiff one anyway), the gymnastic symbol resemblence is frighting.
So, all you spiral beadweaver out their, your work can be relate to one of the most beautiful sports gymnastics, like the gymnast we practice and practice till we are weary and tired but we never give up, eventually we get it perfect and the results are amazing, worth the old perfect "10",
worthy of being called gymnastics.



  1. It was worth all the effort you put in to it it's gorgeous well done Debs

  2. Fabulous and I have to admit to you, I have never done the Cellini spiral, just the much easier spiral rope. You've inspired me to try it. I have such much fun reading your posts on this, kudos!

  3. Congratulations! It is lovely!! I don't do Celini very often but have done a number of lariats in Dutch Spiral, which I think goes a little faster. Even so, it takes a LONG time and the first time is always the slowest. Bravo for hanging in there; it will be easier next time, even if only because you'll know what to expect.

  4. Had a feeling you'd perservere. It's beautiful. Well done!!