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Sunday, February 24, 2013

BoleroTwist Bracelet - Pattern Tutorial - Debger - Other

BoleroTwist Bracelet - Pattern Tutorial - Debger - Other


  1. Hi Debbie

    A friend (she don´t speak english )of me need your help with Twilight Spike Beaded Bead - Beading Pattern Tutorial ( The pictures with the spikes is realy bad to understand beacause they are with no color you now what I meen ?she is stuck on moment 54 it would be easier if you have used other color ?? My english is not good but I hope you understand she ? If you can help her contact me anett.doppler@buermoos.com
    My friends name who bought your design is Claudia Stummegger from Austria Salzburg ok
    Thank you and Hugs and kisses from Salzburg

  2. These are some really nice wearables items posted here dear. Thanks for sharing them with us on your blog and i just love the bracelet. Thanks again.