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Sunday, February 24, 2013

BoleroTwist Bracelet - Pattern Tutorial - Debger - Other

BoleroTwist Bracelet - Pattern Tutorial - Debger - Other

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  1. Hi Debbie

    A friend (she don´t speak english )of me need your help with Twilight Spike Beaded Bead - Beading Pattern Tutorial ( The pictures with the spikes is realy bad to understand beacause they are with no color you now what I meen ?she is stuck on moment 54 it would be easier if you have used other color ?? My english is not good but I hope you understand she ? If you can help her contact me anett.doppler@buermoos.com
    My friends name who bought your design is Claudia Stummegger from Austria Salzburg ok
    Thank you and Hugs and kisses from Salzburg